Life behind the scene

These three images are just a few of the shots (pictures) that I captured during a NCPG (North Carolina Photographers Group) photo-shoot. This shoot, known to its members as ‘The Loft’, was a combination bridal/engagement shoot. I was fortunate enough to not only learn of this event, but also to get some interesting photographs. As these images illustrate, I found myself taking more note of the photographers, than of the actual models. The excitement of the photographers was, in itself, exciting. I think it was simply the shared passion of the group that made it such an interesting subject to me.

4 thoughts on “Life behind the scene

  1. Nice captures of this event. It reminds me of our recent assignment in John’s class- three images effectively storyboarded together on a theme. The image compositions and angles are different on each shot but unified and tell a good story. Also, would like to know more about this group’s events.

  2. Hey Eric, thanks. The NCPG is essentially just a bunch of photographers that plan or organize shoots and events. You can join-up with the group, I think its free, or you can check on open (free) events.In the case of ‘Life behind the Scene’, someone I know is a member and that person let me know. Since you said you wanted to know more about the NCPG (North Carolina Photographers Group) here is a link to their site.

  3. Wow… nice work Anna. Thank you for sharing about the group. This whole idea of many photographers getting together, setting up and photographing one scene seems very interesting. With that many eyes for detail and that much know-how in one room has to make for some amazing photographs.

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