Portfolio – Large Format

Grapes and Rosemary

Vine-tage Leaf


Large Format Portfolio – summer 2011

For our Large Format portfolio this summer semester we were to shoot and submit 3 (4 x 5) images using a Sinar f1 or an Alpina view camera.

I chose the former, and shot these images (2) in E100G transparency film and (1) T-MAX 100 Black & White film, with a 90mm lens.

} Grapes and Rosemary – I designed the setup for this image in my garage. I used a table tray, with an old off-white sheet wrapped around and on top of it to place the fruit on and lit the scene with a flood-light that I diffused with plastic bags – to get a softer, more natural look to the light.

} Vine-tage Leaf – I took this image while at Old Salem (Winston-Salem, NC). I found this grapevine growing along a fence, front-lit by a very warm summer sun, under a clear cyan sky. I positioned the camera very close to the subject and used a higher-end depth of field, to pull out the details.

} Grain – This image was also taken at Old Salem, and was an interesting find. I was looking around for my next shoot when I saw this old yellow barn. I thought at first to take it in color but felt that it would have taken away from or at least distracted the viewer from appreciating the texture of the overall image. I set myself at the side of the barn and tilted upward to maintain sight of the rock foundation while also getting more of the wood planks in the frame. I had many a visitor who stared at me for my subject choice,but that was okay, they just couldn’t see the vision that I saw.

I didn’t really have a theme when I started out, but soon ideas formulated, and I am happy with the results. In the end I guess my theme would be details. The details in the rosemary leaves and grapes in the first image, the details of the ‘prickly hairs’ of the grape leaf in the second, and the fine wood grain and rock planes, in the third.

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