Car Show (series)

Car Show – Old Salem, Winston-Salem NC

38 thoughts on “Car Show (series)

  1. Love a car show! It’s more fun when you’re a participant in it! Triumphs are one of my favorites! Photos are great!

  2. I really like the last red one. I don’t ever see myself driving an older car but I do like looking at them although I’ve never been to a car show. Maybe I should try it out? lol

  3. I recently wrote a piece in a magazine about a $3 million 1936 Mercedes Benz that once belonged to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s family…

    While I’m not a huge car fan, it’s stories like that and photos like yours that can certainly make me appreciate the “art” that is classic cars!


  4. Oh drool. British cars galore! MG’s! Morris Minors! Triumphs too!!! Some look like Austin Healys or Sunbeams, but it’s not surprising, there was some overlap in style and ownerships.

    I’ll give the German Porsche a pass. 😉

  5. Nice photos. I recently went to a local cruise night and posted some photos of the cars there on my blog. Most of them were a bit newer than the ones you have here, though. 🙂

  6. Anna, I was there. It was a beautiful day in Old Salem. The cars were beautiful and the surroundings were just perfect. Now, if you had only taken a picture of my Jaguar.

  7. I’m 901! your pics are great. my brother is an artist and his specialty is old cars…you two need to compare compositions sometime. when’s your photo show? oooh…lightbulb?! we need to do a classy, good art show with your photography, susan’s art, ruan’s art, and whoever else we can put in there. you know, something really professional, classy but edgy and really cool! sounds like something we all can work on, huh. Great work, Anna!

  8. Seeing these pictures brings back great memories of when I was the owner of a 1934 Dodge 5 window coupe. I had her close to 15 years, and driiving her in the Fourth of July parades in McKinney, Texas, was always a thrill for me. I think of this grand lady often, and regretted greatly, the day I re-sold her. Congrads on being chosen for FP. Story and pictures were well done.

  9. Hi, everyone! In response to some requests for more info on the car show, from which these images emerged, I have provided a link below. I originally went to the event – Brenner Walk, Bike Race & Euro-Classica Car Show – to cover the bike race, which I did. (The event was organized to bring awareness to childhood obesity.) While I was there I couldn’t help but capture some images of the beautiful classic cars. The show was open to the public, and it featured Italian, British, German, French, and Swedish cars – from the 1950’s on up to more modern cars – although I’d probably pick the older over the newer any day. As I went around, because of the picture-perfect setting (Old Salem, Winston-Salem NC) I wanted the composition to highlight the smooth lines of the cars against the puritanical backdrop. I love to capture images of old – anything – so car shows and Old Salem are ideal for me, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone.

  10. i love old cars and wish I could afford one. However I don’t think I can find the time to loving restore one now. However its my dream to one day to buy an old car and lovingly restore it…

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