POD: Day# 35

POD: Photograph A Day / Day# 35

– 9/18/11 –

Fire Alarm

Today was an exciting day! I went to the Four Seasons Grande Theater in Greensboro, and the fire alarm went off about a minute after the movie started. As everyone exited, speculation over whether or not there was a real fire was heard everywhere. The theater personnel usher everybody away from the building and pretty soon three fire trucks came rushing in. I ran to the car for my camera and snapped off pictures and tried to look out for what might be happening. After about 20 min. with firemen going in and coming out – we were allowed to reenter the theater. I wasn’t able to ascertain what caused the alarms to go off, it didn’t appear to be anything of substance, but it was great practice for grabbing a spot news opportunity.


3 thoughts on “POD: Day# 35

  1. This article I read it and felt numb about it, Can anyone give me a summary of it? LOL
    But also I like the picture of this article, thanks.

  2. It was a great experience! At first, when the alarm went off, everyone kind of took a moment to realize, “huh, maybe we should leave?”. When I got outside I ran to get my camera…usually when there is a newsworthy event -or “spot news”- I am not always able to capture it, unfortunately!

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