POD: Day# 34

POD: Photograph A Day / Day# 34

– 9/17/11 –


Saturday was rainy and gray and I found myself “creeping” around a bookstore for a picture. “Creeping” or “creeper” is the common term among my classmates for “trying to catch a picture of someone/something happening/doing – unaware”. Yes, it sounds creepy but it’s really innocent. Anyway, I was walking around and I saw this woman intently entranced – it appeared that she intended to read the entire book – off the shelf!

One thought on “POD: Day# 34

  1. Anna this is a very image. I like how you caught the moment with the lights and shelves of books to show it is a bookstore. It is rare that I see someone sitting there just reading but it is nice to know it does still happen.

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