POD: Day# 39

POD: Photograph A Day / Day# 39

– 9/22/11 –

The Carnival is back in town!

Every year, the carnival comes to town, and every year it inevitably rains. Tonight, however, the rain did not fall – and kids came out to play.


3 thoughts on “POD: Day# 39

  1. The Carnival, Is it the temporary amusement park? my country called it The “Ngan-Wat”, It’s similar to yours. *-*++

    Thank you for article and pictures.

  2. Anna these are such colorful and fun images! I’m glad it didn’t rain so you could go and shoot these.

  3. Exactly right, Kewell…The carnival is usually only in town for a week, and it mainly consists of a Ferris Wheel and a few amusement park-type rides and games. Its very fun and its something different…I love the colorful images that you can capture in a Carnival-type setting.

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