POD: Day# 122

POD: Photograph A Day / Day# 122

– 12/14/11 –

Due to the Holiday Season – and the fact that I have finished my Fall Semester at RCC (Randolph Community College) – I have found myself homebound! I seem to have been nominated as a most likely candidate, and “Baby-sitter” is my current household occupation…So, in light of this time-consuming “job” – (I’m sure many mothers can agree that it takes a lot of time and attention to watch after little ones) – I have spent my free time editing photos. As I was going through some of my images, I decided I wanted to share some of the photos I had captured while on a tour of the UK. While visiting the UK in 2009 (England & Scotland), I discovered a passion to document “everything” around me as well as the desire to share my vision – through photography – with the world. I traveled from London, England up to the tip of Scotland (Loch Ness country), ending my tour in Glasgow, Scotland. I wound up taking 5 flights on that trip – my first time flying – and doing a lot of walking! I traveled as a chaperone with a group of adventurous students from Asheboro High School, and I had a blast! So, though it is not technically a photo of the day – I still submit that this series of re-vived images — is my “photograph of the day”.

England > London / London Tower / Windsor Castle / Cambridge / York
Scotland > Edinburgh / Edinburgh Castle / Sterling Castle / Loch Ness / Inveraray / Glasgow

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