POD: Day# 145


POD: Photograph A Day / Day# 145

– 1/6/12 –


I photographed my cousin, Jessie, and her yet unborn baby, Elijah, during her final month of pregnancy…Elijah was born yesterday, and I of course, am a proud “auntie”!! This beautiful lady and I have had little opportunity to meet over the past years, however we were able to meet and get some  good “mommy” pictures before the Christmas season rush. Because of the cold and our limited time together, we ended up shooting inside of my hotel room while I was visiting her at the beach —  later, I used some other “background” photos and put these images together. (Photoshop: QuickSelect –“Mommy”, MoveTool — Background Image, Blending/Filters. Lightroom: Presets) The first image combines an image I had taken while at the Blue Ridge Parkway – the second image I captured as part of a panorama (assignment) – the third image, I took while visiting my cousin in SC – at North Myrtle Beach. All together, I compiled six images… editing and experimenting…

Happy Birthday, Elijah!!

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