Insect Effect “Which would you rather?”

Which would your rather?

The first images are edited and given “special” effects in color temp. and saturation, whereas the second frame of images were edited in the traditional sense…So, which would you rather?

Some photographers are purists and adhere to the most traditional editing; i.e., color balance, levels, tones, and generating a “pure” representation of what they actually captured in-camera. Other photographers prefer to add some saturation or drop it down to zero – change the color temp. – or add an interesting and, dare I say, “unreal” air to an otherwise ordinary photograph. So, which do prefer? Does that preference alter depending on whether or not it is your own image or someone else’s – from photographer-to-viewer perspective? Through in your two cents…should images be “over-edited”, should the amount of editing on an image be disclosed to the viewer?

…for now let’s focus on the question at hand…which would you rather…the special effects or the traditional?An Outdoor Summer_spec ¬†Special Effects

An Outdoor Summer_normal(Normal) Editing

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