Courageous Ladies “Awaken”

Behind the Scenes (info):

video capture: *Canon T1i & 17-55mm lens

time: 6:30 minutes

editing: Final Cut Express// audio track + video clips + research name definitions {intro}

time: (roughly) 4 hours// sync + effects

{* = 1}

Music Video

For my last assignment in Multimedia class, I, and two of my amazing classmates Alyssa Murkin and Melissa Melvin-Rodriguez produced a music video. The video features the band Estrangers and their groovy song “White Flowers”, which we shot & recorded on location in Winston-Salem and Greensboro. (sound-bed

There was a lot of preplanning/ storyboarding that went on before we actually shot any video, due in part to the fact that we had to work around our – and the band’s – schedules, but for the most part we were able to retain the heart of the “story”. Recorded in numerous locations – we compiled these different clips into layers, which you will see throughout the video, to give a fluidity – overall. – HD video on DSLRs, laid overtop the band’s previously recorded song. –