Available Light

This shot was taken on assignment for my Product Lighting class. Using only available light (daylight) and light modifiers (fill cards/white boards/ etc.) we were assigned to light an object of our choosing, something with texture and form. I chose to use a hat, for obvious reasons, and side lit or rake the light across the surface of the hat, to show the texture of the material, as well as create a nice transition from highlight-to-shadow.



Photography- Intro to digital technology-

The above image is actually 27 images, layered and flattened, to form a unified idea; A…Z in multiple type faces. -Type faces or fonts captured through the camera by the student – presented as one file.-

I wanted to be creative in this assignment, and having always loved the nostalgic look that sometimes comes through in black and white images, I chose to transform my entire compilation of letters into shades of black, white, and gray, and have them float above the hay-fields of NC.

Product Lighting – Cylinder

Is it simply a Pepsi can…? I think not. In Product Lighting, our instructor sat us down, instructed us on what we had to shoot, in this case a soda can or “cylinderrr”, told us where to turn it in at, and then sent us out to shoot it…in a very small window of time…using only available light. It was wonderfully liberating, and slightly discomforting,…the best description of photography, if ever I heard one!

Shape of Our Roads

A photographic assignment in Small Format class called for us (the student), to capture an image that conveyed the shape of our roads- one that had a human element. I chose this image because I felt it portrayed, not only the physical shape of our roads, but also the character of those that tread – or in this case pedaled- upon them. The character of those that speaks of a fighting spirit, and brings to mind the old adage – ‘life on the beaten-trail’.


A day of recreation – and competition. The above image was captured in High Point, NC during a two-day racing event that drew the young and the old. Races were held Friday and all day Saturday. I went Saturday afternoon, hoping to capture some of the ‘golden’, or ideal light of the afternoon-to-evening hours, as it filtered between the buildings.

Windows of the Soul

An instructor once said, “…the eyes are the window to the soul…if you don’t have them, you don’t have a picture.”  The image above was taken for an assignment -the assignment was to portray the personality of the subject, a stranger to the student, in such a way – that emphasized or utilized the eyes.

Life behind the scene

These three images are just a few of the shots (pictures) that I captured during a NCPG (North Carolina Photographers Group) photo-shoot. This shoot, known to its members as ‘The Loft’, was a combination bridal/engagement shoot. I was fortunate enough to not only learn of this event, but also to get some interesting photographs. As these images illustrate, I found myself taking more note of the photographers, than of the actual models. The excitement of the photographers was, in itself, exciting. I think it was simply the shared passion of the group that made it such an interesting subject to me.